Contract Guidelines

All contracts that require indemnification contain hold harmless clauses or require additional insured status to others must be submitted to the Diocesan Insurance Office for review prior to signing (insurance clause and indemnification sections only).

All Lease Agreements must be submitted to the Diocesan Real Estate Office for review prior to signing.

Evidence of insurance available to third parties

  1. Additional insured status will be provided, if required by written contract or agreement. Coverage will not be granted in absence of written contract.
  2. Certificates of insurance, naming the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, Nicholas DiMarzio as the Bishop of Brooklyn, and the Parish or Agency as Named Additional Insureds*, must be obtained from all lessees whether short or long term use/lease arrangements), contractors, sub-contractors, bus charters**, carnival rides, etc. $1,000,000 minimum liability coverage with a $3,000,000 aggregate.
  3. Further, contract must include in favor of the Diocese and Parish or Agency:
  • Hold Harmless Clause
  • Indemnification Language must include "Defense"
  • Waiver of Subrogation
  • Their insurance must be primary and Diocesan Insurance is non-contributory

Certificates should also include, when applicable:

  • Auto liability and physical damage
  • Workers' Compensation and Employers Liability

Premises must not be used by you or anyone else for wrestling, judo, karate, jujitsu or other such activities.

* Please be aware that a "Certificate Holder" is not synonymous with "Additional Insured" status. The certificate must specify that Additional Insured status is granted.

** Buses and/or vans must be chartered with a driver.