Workers' Compensation Coverage

Our Workers’ Compensation Coverage is provided by The State Insurance Fund. The diocese, its parishes, institutions and agencies are provided with Workers’ Compensation Coverage as required by the State of New York. This coverage is utilized when an employee suffers an injury or illness while in the course and scope of employment.

This coverage provides indemnification for these claims, as well as support and legal representation for the parish, institution or agency in any and all legal proceedings and Department of Industrial Accident hearings.


The benefit payable to an injured employee is 66-2/3% of average weekly salary to a maximum of $803.21. This is based on the accident date. There is a seven (7) day waiting period for loss of time; if disability continues for longer than seven (7) days, compensation is paid for the waiting period. The waiting period does not apply to medical care.

Disability Insurance

  • This policy provides statutory benefits for each non-work-related accident or illness
  • Twenty-six (26) weeks indemnity. The benefit payable to an employee is fifty (50) percent of salary to weekly maximum of $170. There is a seven (7) day waiting period for both sickness and accident.

Fidelity Insurance

Fidelity insurance covers employee dishonesty, premises, transit, depositors forgery, computer fraud, wire fraud and counterfeit fraud. The definition of insured is broadened to include:

    • Committee members
    • Directors or trustees
    • ERISA plan administrators
    • Non-compensated volunteers
    • Any student or intern handling insured's property
    • Priests, nuns and brothers
    • Forensic accounting costs
    • All expenses incurred in document reproduction to prove loss
    • Other standard policy exclusions

    The deductible is $1,000 per loss.

    How To Report a Claim