General Liability

Parishes and Institutions

Our General Liability policy provides coverage in defense of claims or lawsuits brought against you due to bodily injury or property damage for which you are legally liable. This coverage applies when someone other than an employee is injured on your property. It also applies if someone is injured off your property and the injury is allegedly caused by you. Typical types of General Liability claims include an individual slipping and falling on your premises or a tree on your property falling onto a neighbor’s residence.

The liability program provides protection to respond to claims and lawsuits against those insured. The protection has no deductible and, in addition to covering the cost of a settlement or judgment, includes coverage for the expenses associated with investigating and defending the claims or litigation. These expenses may include legal fees, expert consulting and testimony, engineering or medical experts and other expenses related to the claim.

What the General Liability Policy Covers

What the General Liability Coverage Excludes

Liquor Liability Protection

Liquor Liability Protection is intended solely to protect the diocese, its parishes and other Catholic organizations that participate in the diocesan insurance program. For more information, please follow this link.